Dallas/Dallas Metro

Dallas Metro is an inner-city ministry committed to serving their community through meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the city’s most at-risk youth – all through the grace and power of Jesus.
Their various programs have developed in direct response to the needs they’ve seen first-hand. As a Rice XASB team, we will have the opportunity to join them in practically serving these children and their families while developing a lifelong vision for how to find and meet the needs of the hurt and broken in our own cities through the loving compassion of Jesus Christ. Through this trip, you can use your spring break to make a significant impact on others while developing deeper bonds with your fellow small group members and larger Chi Alpha family.

March 13-17th / Cost:~$500 / Team Size:24

San Antonio/Agora

Agora Ministries has served and empowered both individuals and whole neighborhoods in inner-city San Antonio. Their ministry center is a gathering place for the local community and a space for the team to model loving, Christ-centered relationships.
In partnering with Agora and several local churches, we will be meeting the spiritual and physical needs of children and adults through ministering to local families, helping host outreach events, and doing door-to-door evangelism in one of the poorest zip codes in Texas.
By sacrificing part of our Spring Break, we can enable Agora to reach more people for the Kingdom of God. This will be a great option for those who wish to serve on a mission team and/or have limited availability over spring break.

March 11-14th / Cost: ~$360 / Team Size:40


In Mexico City, we will work with a youth/college ministry called Jovenes con Decision. Serving on campuses all over the city, Jovenes upholds goals and methods very similar to Chi Alpha, aiming to reconcile students to Christ and then send them out to transform the campus, the marketplace, and the world. Chi Alpha has been partnering with Jovenes for over 15 years, recognizing these trips as some of the most transformative ones Chi Alpha has ever hosted.
On this trip, Rice students will have countless opportunities to share the hope of the gospel with peers and youth who are navigating similar kinds of hardships (and adventures) as themselves. Our hope is that students will return from this trip humbled, inspired, and equipped to more effectively and joyfully share the gospel.

March 12-17th / Cost:~$1100 / Team Size:24

The Perkins Foundation