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Upcoming Spring Break Trips

Agora – San Antonio, TX

Agora Ministries has served and empowered both individuals and whole neighborhoods in inner-city San Antonio. Their ministry center is a gathering place for the local community and a space for the team to model loving, Christ-centered relationships. In partnering with Agora and several local churches, we will be meeting the spiritual and physical needs of children and adults through ministering to local families, helping host outreach events, and doing door-to-door evangelism in one of the poorest zip codes in Texas. By sacrificing part of our Spring Break, we can enable Agora to reach more people for the Kingdom of God. This will be a great option for those who wish to serve on a mission team and/or have limited availability over spring break.

Date: March 14th – 18th

Tentative Cost: $420

Team Size: ~40


Do you love Chi Alpha small groups? Have they changed your life? For the past three years a handful of Chi Alpha small group leaders have given their spring break to help pioneer a thriving small group culture amongst the youth of Cuba. One Cuban pastor dreams of planting small groups in kids sport leagues all across Cuba.  He believes that small group leaders from Rice Chi Alpha are best equipped to make this dream a reality! If you are a current small group leader and want to empower the youth of Cuba to share the Gospel through small groups this is your chance!

Date: March 14th-21st

Tentative Cost: $1,300

Team Size: 5-7

Perkins – Jackson, MS

The John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation was established to aid and promote the national movement and ministry philosophy known as Christian community development. They proclaim a message of hope in the Gospel and work alongside the poor to promote economic empowerment and justice to bring biblical healing to impoverished communities.Drs. John and Vera Mae Perkins along with their children were intimately involved in the American Civil Rights Movement. Today Dr. Perkins and his 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Priscilla, and Deborah continue to serve as a voice on justice, community development, leadership, and reconciliation — all through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite Grandpa Perkins’ (as many affectionately call him) busy schedule, he still finds comfort and inspiration in working to inspire missions teams to action.In this hands-on urban missions trip, you will learn how to be integrated into the unique issues and circumstances surrounding Jackson, Mississippi and come alongside the ministry to serve the foundation and the work it’s doing in the community.” Through reflecting on the experience and teaching of the Perkins family, you will learn to develop a long-term vision for Christian reconciliation and justice and its real practical out-workings.

Date: March 7th-13th

Tentative Cost: $600

Team Size: 10-12