Josh led one of the first small groups at Sam Houston State, worked as a photographer, and met his wife Jamie all before catching the vision to pioneer a Chi Alpha at Rice University. In 2006, they moved to Houston and started the Chi Alpha at Rice. They have four sons: Mac, Schaeffer, Townsend, and Chamberlain, each one more rambunctious than the last.


One of the OG members of Rice XA, Grace graduated in 2015, came back after a year in Taiwan and was quickly promoted to the rank of staff. She’s known for her illustrious career as a discipler around campus. If you happen to catch her in her free time, she’ll be skimming Instagram for the cutest babies and dogs or exploring her best interpretive dance moves.


As a student at Rice, Mathison worked with and managed Rice Coffeehouse, the student-run coffee shop on campus. He graduated in 2014 with degrees in psychology, photography, and business. If you want to learn how to develop film or brew a pour-over, Mathison is the man to talk to.


After six years as a phenomenal, widely-loved small-group leader at UTSA XA, Alyssa (affectionately known as “Bird”) married into the Rice XA family in the spring of 2017. The Rice XA staff is indebted to her kind and mellow aura, keeping us sane and grounded. All mind-blowing & inspiring Rice XA sermon graphics and flyers can be attributed to her creative genius.