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Josh led one of the first small groups at Sam Houston State, worked as a photographer, and met his wife Jamie all before catching the vision to pioneer a Chi Alpha at Rice University. In 2006, they moved to Houston and started the Chi Alpha at Rice. They have four sons: Mac, Schaeffer, Townsend, and Chamberlain, each one more rambunctious than the last.


As a student at Rice, Mathison worked with and managed Rice Coffeehouse, the student-run coffee shop on campus. He graduated in 2014 with degrees in psychology, photography, and business. If you want to learn how to develop film or brew a pour-over, Mathison is the man to talk to.


Emily served as an overseas missionary to Greece for 18 months where she worked with university students. She’s been on staff at Rice since she returned in 2013. We’ve learned that the secret to giving any party a warm and welcoming atmosphere is to invite Emily. Especially if it’s a dance party.


Eric, or “Mingle” (and sometimes “Ming Ming”) as many people like to call him, graduated from Sam Houston State and came to Rice in 2009 to assist Josh with developing the then budding Chi Alpha.  A conversationalist and aphorist, Mingle is the one to turn to for a thought-provoking dialogue about God, pithy sayings to live by, and learning how to beat your small group leader in a wrestling match.


An only child, Aaron is shy at first, but has a big heart for people and serving the poor. After graduating from Rice in 2017, Aaron joined the staff after completing the CMIT program, now overseeing all things social media. He and Daniel were founding members of the legendary Guy Alpha House (GAH), and he has a secret fondness for parties and dancing. Rumor has it, Aaron will make you homemade boba tagged with encouraging one-liners.


After six years as a phenomenal, widely-loved small-group leader at UTSA XA, Alyssa (affectionately known as “Bird”) married into the Rice XA family in the spring of 2017. The Rice XA staff is indebted to her kind and mellow aura, keeping us sane and grounded. All mind-blowing & inspiring Rice XA sermon graphics and flyers can be attributed to her creative genius.


Daniel is one of six brothers in a very musical family. Growing up in Northern Virginia, he came to Rice to study Cello Performance, where he became part of the Chi Alpha community (and first began leading worship!). Daniel along with Aaron is a founding member of the legendary Guy Alpha House (GAH) and loves throwing parties. After graduating in 2017, Daniel decided to do the internship with Chi Alpha and has stayed on staff. He is now engaged to the beautiful Megan Carlier who is way out of his league!


One of the OG members of Rice XA, Grace graduated in 2015, came back after a year in Taiwan and was quickly promoted to the rank of staff. She’s known for her illustrious career as a discipler around campus. If you happen to catch her in her free time, she’ll be skimming Instagram for the cutest babies and dogs or exploring her best interpretive dance moves.